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Dear Healing Water Machines,

I just want to say thank you so much for a wonderful product - I bought your big whole house system - my water no longer smells of chlorine and I got the shock of my absolute life when I changed the pre-filter 4 months after installation - here with a pic of a new cartridge and the one I removed after 4 months of filtering - it was absolutely full of sediment - I couldn't believe my eyes - I thought something was wrong but no it is just the dirt coming out the water - literally.

It is so wonderful knowing that from every single faucet in my house comes clean water - whether it is for drinking or bathing or cleaning etc. Thank you for a wonderful product and for customer service that is better than any I have ever received in the USA. You should win a prize for both.

Kind regards

Healing Water Machines,

 I just wanted to let you know your Pelican PC600 filtration system is the absolute best.  It only took an hour and a half to install at which point we could tell the difference instantly in the water.  Thanks and keep up the great work. 9-29-07

The Ligenza's

I went to see my doctor to get my cholesterol tested and he did a chemical test for other items in my blood stream.  When the results came back he told me I had high levels of chlorine in my body. I told him that I drink bottled water and not the tap water at my house.  My doctor laughed at me and said but you do shower in the water from the house¯.  The doctor told me that the skin is the largest organ in my body, and it absorbs all the chlorine I shower in.  That's why I had such high levels in my body. So I called up Healing Water Machine to get a system in place to remove the chlorine from my shower.  After talking with a customer service rep at their office, they got me setup with the PC600 whole house filter. This was the best investment I made.  Not only does it eliminate the chlorine in my shower it also removes it from my drinking water, saving me money on bottled water.  When you consider the cost of a shower filter and a countertop filter plus all the replacements over the 5 year period that the PC600 lasts, its a much better investment.¯  Edward M. ( Rockford , IL )

I wanted to let you know that my family and I are enjoying the benefits of filtered water.  The Pelican PC1000 has made a big difference in my wife's skin and hair.  She initially was against me purchasing the whole house filter and know she doesn't want to leave the house.  I feel better knowing my family is drinking filtered water.  Thanks again for the great products and service!   Terry W. - Arizona

Dear Chad,

I sent you a picture of my new system installed.  It works great and looks good too!  The family loves it and is enjoying contaminant free water.  Our family takes a lot of shower and drinks a lot of water and now we can do it knowing we are drinking and bathing in clean health water.  I had know idea the harmful affects of chlorine and chloramines on the human body.  You guys at Healing Water Machine answered all of my questions online and I was able to make my decision without picking up the phone or sitting through a 4 hour pitch from a door to door salesman.  My time is valuable and you made it easy.  Thanks Again, Josh B -Florida

Dear Healing Water Machines,

We wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful service.  We purchased the Pelican PSE1800 Filter and Softener in January and had the plumber install it days after we received it.  What a difference!  We are in New Jersey and on city water, our water was tested and not only do we have chlorine and other contaminants but our water was hard.  The system has done everything you said it would do.  We have a 5 year old and an 8 month old, so we have to have clean water especially for the baby formula.  The softening aspect of the Pelican has been great.  No more hard to clean build-up on the plumbing fixtures, showers and bath tub.  It has been a couple of months now and we are very happy.  Thanks Again.  Amanda C - New Jersey

Dear Healing Water Machines,

I just wanted to let you know how happy you've made my family and thank you for the service, expertise and the great product.  I purchased the Pelican PC1000 Premium Whole House Water Filter over the net and received it just a few days after.  I had a friend of ours install it and he said it was a breeze.  I couldn't believe the difference after the 1st shower, I had no idea how bad the water really was until the filter was installed.  I can't wait to get the Pelican Softener next.  Thank you again and good luck with everything. - Virginia B - Michigan


Just a note to say thank you for  answering all of my calls and questions.  The Pelican Salt Free Softener/Conditioner is awesome.  I've noticed my pipes being cleaned out and now only use about half of the soaps that I was normally using.  I have an older home and needed something to take care of the plumbing as well as soften the water.  I did not want to go to the traditional salt-based softeners because of the maintenance and chemicals being added to my water.  Thank you for your patience and I am glad I did my research and found Healing Water Machine. - George H -Ohio

Hello Guys,

Wow, what a difference, I am so glad I purchased the PC600 for our home.   The chlorine was affecting me every time I took a shower and not to mention the fact that my 4 year old can now take a bath with out getting dry skin.  My wife loves to take baths and now she can truly enjoy the experience in chemical free water.  I recommend this filter to anyone who thinks they can use one, it's great.  Todd M- Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi.  My name is Janet Hickerson and I ordered the Pelican PSE2000.  I installed the system 3 weeks ago and could not be happier with its performance.  I have noticed a change in the smell and taste of the water.  We were buying bottled water and it was very expensive and time consuming.  We can now drink the water from any faucet in the house.  I feel much better knowing my children are bathing in filtered water. Thank you again, I give you 5 stars also. - Janet Hickerson- Santa Monica Ca

Hello Healing Water Machines,

I have had the Pelican Softener for about 6 weeks now and the water feels great.  I had to call customer service a few times during the installation and I got a human not a machine.  I appreciate good customer service and support.  Keep doing what you doing and the sky is the limit.  You all are the BEST!!!!! - Tom Lancey-N Carolina


I installed my WF Iron/Manganese and Softener hc and my stains are gone and the water is finally drinkable.  I can't thank you enough for answering my questions and assuring me that this would solve my iron problem.  You were right and I appreciate it.  I had been living with it and did not enjoy it.  It was worth the investment and time researching your product.  Sincerely John P-Mass

Healing Water Machines,

I received my Pelican PC600 last Thursday.  I installed it and it is working great.  Thanks for the great service.  Pete- Virginia

Dear Chad,

Thank you for taking the time to explain the differences between the Pelican Whole House Filter and others on the market.  After doing my research and talking with your competitors there is no comparison between your filter and the others on the market.  I purchased the PC1000 and had it installed and I love it.  The water feels and tastes great.  THANK YOU!  Grace Anderson - Canada

 Hello healing water machines,

We wanted to let you know that the Pelican Softener model 1-3 bathrooms was delivered and installed after we followed the soaked the media instructions.  We have noticed a difference in the way you feel when you take a shower.  Our traditional softener broke and we were looking for an alternative from salt and we ran across your product.  I like the fact that I don't have to deal with salt anymore.  I'm a big fan of your product. Thank you, Lisa T- California

Healing water Machines,

I purchased a Pelican whole house filter pc2000 and it arrived last Friday and I had it installed over the weekend.  Thank you for including all of the plumbing fittings, that made the trips to the hardware store a lot easier.  I will tell my friend about this system and am sure I will sell a few more for you.  I am now enjoying great quality water with no maintenance.  Brad K -New Jersey


Here is a picture of my Pelican PSE1800 installed in my garage.  I can't tell you enough how satisfied we are with this system.  It was installed by a plumber and he said it was not difficult to install, just water in and water out like you told me.  I fell safe now with my 5 month old making her formula and my dog especially likes the taste of the water, and I like how he feels after I give him a bath.  We are all enjoying the filter/softener/conditioner and the benefits from it.  Thank you for your time and your site was very informative.  God Bless Kathy D- Florida




Thank you!,  I wanted you to know that I recommend my brother to purchase the Pelican PC600.  He was visiting me and asked me why the water tasted so good.  I showed him the system online and he was sold.  I can see the difference in my skin and taste the difference when I make my morning coffee.  I love to cook and the pasta turns out perfect.  Everyone should have a filter, and they would if they knew what they where missing.  I could go on and on about the filter but I won't bore you.  I wrote you to say thank you and I love the filter.  Steve C -Seattle Washington

Dear Healing Water Machines,

Just a note to say thank you for the service and I appreciate the patience you had toward my many phone calls during my research.  The filter has been installed and we have noticed a great difference in the water.  Our family drinks alot of water and the main concern was removing the chlorine and or chloramines from our water.  My daughter said her hair feels softer and my skin does not itch anymore after I take a shower.  I feel that we made the right choice with the Pelican model pc1000.  Thanks again, Janet P - Georgia

Hello Healing Water Machines,

My name is Ronald Jacobs and I ordered the Pelican WF Iron & Manganese Filter and Water Softener and Trojan UVmax products from your company.  I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality of my water now.  In addition, I want to commend your company on great support.  I did not have to use it a lot, but every communication has been very pleasant and resolved any issues I had.  Thank you very much and have a nice day! - Ronald Jacobs - Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Dear Chad,

Thank you for the great service!  I hooked up my Pelican PSE2000 and noticed a huge difference in the shower and my drinking water.  I can't believe the taste difference between my old water and the new filtered water.  I could never drink the water before and now I love the taste.  Thanks you again for everything and I look forward to many years of great water.  Rob G - Hawaii

Healing Water Machines,

I recently purchased a whole house water filter system (Pelican PC600) to filter my water.  I am on city water and have high amounts of chlorine in my water.  I have been using the filter now for 4 months and can tell you that I have no more chlorine in my water.  The taste of the water and the smell of the water has drastically improved and I can now enjoy a shower or a glass of water without the smell or taste of chlorine.  I highly recommend the PC600 for anyone wanting to remove chlorine from their water.  Yours truly, Jim M - Arizona

Hello, I purchased the Pelican PSE1800 and we love the water, Thanks Again!-Dan L-Oranldo, Florida

Hello Chad,

Thank you for your finding the filter that solved my water problems.  You had so much patience with me and I appreciate it.  I will recommend your website to all of my friends.  Cathy Downs, Texas

Hi Ron,

First I wanted to thank you for providing me with some guidance related to which system to purchase that would address the chlorine in the water. After our candid discussion on the whole house water filters out on the market I took your advice and purchased the PC600 which fits our family€™s requirements. I took a preliminary baseline reading of the water and the chlorine was about 1.5 to 2 ppm (the chlorine level gets higher during the summer months). Immediately after the install (I couldn't wait) it is approximately .25 ppm total chlorine. I wasn't sure if this was going to be noticed by my family€¦.boy was I wrong. This morning (approximately 12 hours after the install) after my daughter took her shower she was all smiles and said that she can tell the difference in her skin and hair. I was thinking that the system will have a break in time of about 3 days to 7 days based on the notion that all of the carbon dusts needed to be completely out of the system to fully realize all the filtering benefits. When my daughter left for work with that beautiful smile on her face I knew we did the right thing by getting the PC600. On a side note that needs mentioning. I noticed a marked difference in our guest bathroom (very small half/bath) in terms of smell. What I thought was cleaning solution smell was actually chloroform. It has been significantly reduced and will probably be cleared out completely after using the filtration system a few days. Bottom line is that for $699 and $300 install (going rate in our area. No complaints since the plumber did a beautiful install) we have a system that fully addresses our primary concern (chlorine resulting in dry itchy skin/hair & general filtration) as well as having good tasting, safe drinking water.

A very satisfied customer, Archie A. All smiles J Lincoln, CA

Hello, I have the Pelican Salt-Free Softener 1-3 Bathrooms 25 Grains.  It works just great and we really love it.  So much better than the Culligan slime water we were stuck with when we bought the house.  You may certainly use my comments as a testimonial.  We live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Have a great day. Gerry Suchy

Hello Chad,

We have switched from a Kinetico filter system to a Pelican PSE1800 system.  Even though we have a separate filter for drinking water, the water from the tap now tastes just as good.  Our glass coffee pot that used to get stained after 3 days, has now gone for 3 weeks with no staining at all. I am a retired Marine and truck driver with no plumbing experience and the installation of the system was a piece of cake just following the simple instructions. I should add that the city water in Phoenix, AZ is not only very hard but smelly too. That problem is now gone.  Jim Stelling