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Pelican Water Technologies - NaturSoft™ Certification and Testing

The Pelican NaturSoft System is currently being performance tested by DVGW, a third party testing lab in Germany under the W-512 international protocol test for scale prevention. The DVGW W-512 is the most stringent test of this type in the world.

The DVGW W-512 is a test that only a hand full of companies have been able to pass and Pelican Water Technologies is confident that the NaturSoft System will pass with flying colors. The preliminary test results showed a 99.6% in scale prevention which rivals and in most cases exceeds traditional salt based softeners. The W-512 test is designed to emulate real life conditions.

The pictures below are actual pictures from the water testing facility in Germany where the test is being performed. The pictures date 11-26-2007.

Update (1/25/2008): The first of two rounds of testing have been completed, and NaturSoft is passing with flying colors. Keep checking back for further updates.

Note: Just ¼" of scale build-up can increase heating costs by 40% or more. Observe the scale build up on the untreated side after only 3 days of operation.

Video Feeds From Testing Lab
View Testing Rig Control Panel View Testing Rig Control Panel (reaching temp goal)
View Un-Treated Water View NaturSoft Treated Water
View Full Test In Progress View Full Test Rig
NaturSoft Treated Water Un-Treated Water
Testing Rig at DVGW Testing Labs
Testing Rig Control Panel