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Pelican Water Technologies - NaturSoft™ Series

NS3 1-3 Bathroom
NS6 4-6 Bathroom


Natursoft™ is effective to 75 grains of hardness.

  • Extremely efficient  3 seconds contact time regardless of hardness level. Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90 seconds.

  • No salt or other regenerants required.

  • No water waste from backwashing.

  • No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned.

  • Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions.

  • No control valve or electricity required.

  • Media operates in upflow condition so there is no need for backwashing the system.


How It Works - Nano Technology and Salt-Free Softeners

Applications for NaturSoft™

NaturSoft™ - What to Expect and Visible Results

NaturSoft™ - Performance Under Extreme Conditions

NaturSoft™ - Third-Party Testing

Before NaturSoft™ System

After just 8 weeks using the NaturSoft™ System

Customer Comments

-I have had the Pelican Softener for about 6 weeks now and the water feels great.  I had to call customer service a few times during the installation and I got a human not a machine.  I appreciate good customer service that your retailer Healing Water Machines offered and the support.  Keep doing what you doing and the sky is the limit.  You all are the BEST!!!!! - Tom Lancey-N Carolina

-Hello,I have the Pelican Softener 1-3 Bathrooms.  It works just great and we really love it.  So much better than the Culligan slime water we were stuck with when we bought the house.  You may certainly use my comments as a testimonial.  We live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Have a great day..Gerry Suchy

Understanding the Name - Envisioning the Future

NaturSoft™ Systems offer the advantages of traditional water softeners and more, without the negative side effects hard water creates

All NaturSoft™ Systems come with a full 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Performance Guarantee and a 10 Year parts warranty

Template Assisted Crystallization Technology that leaves the beneficial healthy minerals in your drinking and cooking water

Unlike most traditional salt-based water softeners, NaturSoft™ Systems require no service contracts or monthly maintenance

Removes existing scale deposits from pipes, water heaters, and prevents new scale build-up from forming

Salt-Free NaturSoft™ Systems do not require back washing or drain lines because they do not discharge chemical discharge into the ground water supply

Offers a solution for people who do not like the slimy feeling that traditional water softeners leave behind

Factoring in the increased life of your home appliances and the savings on electricity and soap usage, The NaturSoft™ Systems will save your family hundreds of wasted dollars every year

Through innovation the NaturSoft™ System has revolutionized the way people now view water softeners - Green Technology

The NaturSoft™ Difference - Shipping Advantage

The Pelican™ NaturSoft™ Salt-Free Water Softener/Conditioner will be shipped preloaded via UPS Ground in the highest quality doubled walled box with side cushions and a custom top piece to protect the top of the filter.  No expense has been spared to ensure your system arrives in factory fresh condition.  These systems travel long distances, so we feel it is vital that the packaging be of the utmost quality.

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Members of the U.S. Green Building Council