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Pelican Water Technologies - NaturSoft™ - What to Expect and Visible Results

The NaturSoft™ "ZERO" Effect
















Your water will feel much softer leading to noticeable improvements to your hair and skin. Yet, the natural mineral content of the water is maintained making it healthier to drink. Housekeeping becomes much easier and less time consuming. Your need for detergents and harsh household cleaners is drastically reduced. Your water using appliances will last longer and will require less servicing. Your laundry will come out cleaner and softer. Garments will last longer. The removal of scale from the plumbing and water heater will result in energy and ($) savings. Expensive fixtures will be protected from scale and corrosion.

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How It Works - Nano Technology and Salt-Free Softeners

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NaturSoft™ - Performance Under Extreme Conditions

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What to expect if you have an existing home without a prior softener

Immediately after the installation you will experience all of the benefits listed above.Depending on the amount and type of scale deposits present in the plumbing of your home and the type of plumbing materials used, you may or may not observe the following within one to four weeks following the installation of the new system. These effects are temporary and will steadily diminish a eventually stop once the plumbing has been de-scaled:

  1. The “softness” of the water may temporarily diminish noticeably. This would be particularly evident on the hot water side. We have measured increases in the mineral content of the water of more than ten grains per gallon in the treated water after it has traveled through the water heater and the home’s plumbing.

  2. Since the existing limestone scale is “softened up” as part of the NaturSoft™ effect, it may detach in small “chunks” ranging in size from very fine silt to pieces larger than a grain of sand. The larger pieces may be big enough to build up in the aerator screens of your fixtures. Considerable silt-like accumulations may be visible on the shower heads

  3. Higher flow rates will shear off more of the existing scale than will lower flow rates. Consequently, you may not notice as much at a sink faucet as elsewhere. The bathtubs, however, are the place in the home were ordinarily the highest flow rates are encountered. Here you are likely to observe the most obvious signs of the de-scaling activity: The water may come out somewhat milky. You may even find sand like grit at the bottom of the bathtub. Consequently, if the scale being removed from the plumbing was harboring sediment or iron that is now being released, it would be also most apparent in places like the bathtub.

  4. The water line supplying fixtures which experience the most use will be cleaned the quickest and will be the first to return to providing you the full benefits you experienced immediately following installation; rarely used fixtures will take correspondingly longer.

What to expect if you have or had an existing traditional softener

  1. The water does not feel as “soft” as with the softener: A traditional water softener turns dissolved mineral hardness (calcium bicarbonate) into dissolved sodium bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda). The absence of the calcium in combination with the presence of sodium bicarbonate leads to the “soft”, “slick”, “slimy” or “can’t get the soap off” sensation. The NaturSoft™ technology maintains the healthy mineral content of the water holistically only causing it to act less “hard”. However, it does not add the bicarbonate. As the result the water feels “softer” than untreated water, but not a soft as chemically softened water. If you miss the “slick” feeling try adding some baking soda to your bath.

  2. Water spotting: A water softener replaces calcium with sodium. The “water spotting” a water softener leaves behind is a salt “haze” that wipes of very easily and is far less noticeable than spots caused by minerals. (This softener “haze” is very much the haze you find on your car after parking it near the beach on a windy day.) The NaturSoft™ treatment results in reduced spotting compared to untreated water. However, compared to chemically softened water the remaining spotting consists of minerals not salt, and is more visible as a result. Yet, the cleaning of this type of spotting approaches the ease of cleaning up the salt haze when compared to untreated water. (You can conduct your own test by putting the NaturSoft™ system in “by-pass” for a few days to see the difference)

  3. Soap curd: Tallow or oil based soaps like “Ivory” and the like will react with calcium minerals to form a sticky film. Detergent based cleaners like shampoos, shower gels, dish soaps and laundry detergents either do so very slightly or not at all, but all detergent will work better with treated water. Consequently, you will find that the performance detergents will improve dramatically with the NaturSoft™ system in place and you will be able to reduce your detergent use between 40-60% compared to untreated water. This is comparable to chemically softened water. You will, however, notice very little improvement when using regular bar soap or tallow based soap products since the minerals are largely still able to react with the fats in the soap to form the curd.

  4. Depending on the water chemistry of your water supply, you are unlikely to, but may still have some scale deposits in your plumbing system. This is especially true if your softener did not always work 100%.

Tips for Automatic Dishwashers

Generally, the media relies on removing mineral hardness from solution and forming micro crystals, not on actually removing the natural minerals from the water. Harsh chemicals, specifically acids / low pH detergents or rinse agents, can destroy these crystals by re-dissolving them and reducing the desired effect. More importantly, we should remind ourselves that dishwashers are supplied by the hot water side of a building’s plumbing system. As noted in section I (If you have an existing home that did not have a water softener or effective scale control system installed prior to installing in a NaturSoft™ System), higher than normal hardness would initially be released from the hot water plumbing potentially affecting the dishwasher. For both of those reasons, the combination and amounts of detergents and rinse agents should be “just right”. “Gel Packs” offer a great alternative since they contain detergents and rinse agents in just the right amounts. Two dishwasher detergents have received rave reviews from our customers:

  • “Electrosol” Gel Packs: name brand detergent with relatively gentle ingredients.

  • “Jet Dry” Gel Packs very similar to the Electrosol product above.

Third type of Gel Pack has done well:

  • “Method Home” Dish Cubes: all “natural”, foregoing any of the standard chemical ingredients.

Tips for Cleaning Hot-Water Heaters When using a NaturSoft™ System

Cleaning and restoring the plumbing system is a major benefit of the NaturSoft™ product. It is a benefit that no installation of a traditional water softener would provide. At the same time we can agree that the cleaning process represents an impairment to the enjoyment of the improved water quality. In order to minimize the time required to complete the process and return to normal as quickly as possible we strongly recommend:

  • Flushing your hot water heater by turning off the heat source, attaching a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and “power flushing” the heater by opening the drain valve. Once you have assured yourself that the water heater is completely filled with water, turn the heat source back on. Repeat weekly if necessary.

  • Alternative, albeit not quite as effective, you may open several fixtures in the home and let water run simultaneously for a couple of minutes. Again, focus on the hot water side and high flow uses like the bathtubs.