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PSE2000 Premium Whole House Filter Softener

Maintenance Free Salt-Free Softener & Premium Filter Combo

Extremely Effective
Environmentally Friendly

The Best Of Both Worlds - The Pelican™ PSE2000 Premium Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener/Conditioner combines the PC1000 Premium Whole House Water Filter with the NaturSoft™ System to give you  "A True Spa like Experience".  If you are on city water you will experience dramatic results from the very first shower.  Experience the difference with the Pelican™ PSE2000 Premium Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener/Conditioner, the "Clear Choice".  No more bottled tap water, you will now have better than bottled water quality through every faucet in your home.

To buy now PSE1800 Premium Whole House Filter Softener $2,299.00 

Dual Tank System Includes:

The Pelican™ Carbon Series PC1000 Whole House Water Filter is simply the best on the market. No where will you find a whole house water filter that is more affordable and removes more contaminates than the PC1000. With its multi-stage filtration process and high performance media you get sparkling clean contaminant free water. Imagine, spring like water through every faucet of your home. Drink, bathe, and shower in contaminant free water. Your skin and hair will feel softer from the very first shower.  No more dry itchy skin from the chemicals in your water.  Manufacturers Additional Info

The NaturSoft™ System represents the superior alternative with respect to dealing with the symptoms of water hardness without resorting to ion exchange (salt) based systems. The amount of wasted water and release of salt into the environment has increasingly become unacceptable.  When deployed in a system, this unique technology induces the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively eliminate the side effects of hard water. The NaturSoft™ media does not require any regular maintenance.  NaturSoft™ media does not participate in any reactions it merely promotes them. Therefore, the material is not sacrificial and it does not get consumed resulting in its exceptional long life.   Manufacturers Additional Info

The NaturSoft™ System itself represents the utmost in environmentally conscious water softening/conditioning.  It does not add chemicals to the source water, nor does it remove the healthful minerals that are naturally occurring in it. You can enjoy water softened naturally.  The system also does not require electricity to operate, nor does it consume water for the purpose of backwashing or regeneration. It does not require the addition of any chemicals to operate. The water flows through the media vessel in an up-flow direction resulting in no adverse effect on the building’s water pressure.  Manufacturers Additional Info

What makes NaturSoft different from similar technologies?

Unlike other systems on the market, like Filtersorb SP, the NaturSoft systems requires only 3 seconds of contact with the water, while the others require 9 seconds or more. The Pelican NaturSoft is unlike any other system on the market. The NaturSoft is made in the USA and is sold only by Pelican Water Technologies.

Another benefit of going with Pelican is the lifespan of the NaturSoft catalytic granules. NaturSoft catalytic granules have been rigorously tested in the real world, used in the commercial industry, and made to be non-sacrificial, therefore it requires no "rest time", and requires no replacement. Filtersorb and ScaleStop require replacement every 3-5 years at costs of $600-$1,000 and require you not use their systems for 8 hours a day for proper rest!

Why does the NaturSoft handle 75 grains while others only handle 25 grains of hardness?

The NaturSoft’s catalytic granular surface is 100% active and grows seed crystals on the entire surface. Other similar technologies only have "growth sites" that are active, leaving more than 70% of the surface inactive.

Pelican™ PSE1800 Dual Tank System Offers a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you have Multi-Headed Body Sprayers in your shower you may need a high flow system to accommodate the high volume of water needed to operate the shower system.

 Pelican™ PSE2000 Dual Tank System Benefits

Pelican™ PC1000 Benefits (tank 1)

  • Softer Skin and Hair
  • Easy Installation: indoors, outdoors or underground
  • No backflushing
  • Zero wasted water
  • Little to No Pressure Loss
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (eliminates Chloroform gas and odors)
  • No Electricity
  • Better Tasting coffee, tea, lemonade or anything prepared with filtered water
  • All food prepared with our filtered water will taste better and be better for you
  • Veterinarians recommend filtered water for your pets
  • No Assembly Required

NaturSoft™ Benefits (tank 2)

  • No Salt or Corrosive Chemicals
  • Commercial Grade Resin for up to 75 Grains per Gallon of Hardness (1,283mg/l)
  • Removes Existing Scale Deposits from plumbing and fixtures
  • No Electrical Power Needed & No Backwashing 
  • Environmentally Friendly Solution
  • Saves on costly repairs of damaged plumbing
  • Easy To Install and Requires No Drain Connection
  • Conditioned Water Without The Slippery Feel
  • Reduces laundry detergents 40-60%
  • Increased Efficiency of Hot Water Tanks
  • Longer Life Expectancy For Appliances
  • Leaves In Beneficial Minerals
  • 10 Year Warranty On The Tank, Housing, And Valves
  • Performance Guarantee!
  • No Assembly Required

Additional Features and Benefits

  • The NaturSoft™ Systems make all your cleaning much easier
  • The NaturSoft™ Systems comes with a chrome jacket that will not rust
  • The NaturSoft™ Systems can be installed indoors or outdoors (except in extreme temperatures).
  • A built in bypass valve is included which makes installation very simple for you or your plumber
  • NaturSoft™ Systems meets all city and state regulations for softeners and are not part of any softener bans
  • Actively removes existing scale formation in pipes and water heaters without the corrosive effect of salt, poor taste, and brine discharge from salt/potassium water softeners. Easier clean-up of water spots.
  • Factoring in the increased life of your home appliances and the savings on electricity, salt, and soap usage, the NaturSoft™ Systems will save your family thousands of wasted dollars every year.


        Pipe before NaturSoft™ System  Pipe after 8 weeks with NaturSoft™ System

Attention: Some California, Texas, and Connecticut communities are currently under water softener bans for conventional salt based softeners, and cannot have salt or brine discharge.  The NaturSoft™ systems require no backwash, no salt and no brine discharge. NaturSoft™ systems are not affected by those bans.

Click Here to View NaturSoft™ In Action  
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To buy now PSE2000 Premium Whole House Filter Softener $2,299.00 


What contaminates are addressed with the PC1000 filter?

  • THM's (chlorine by product)
Manufacturers List of Additional Contaminates Addressed - Click Here

How long does the Pelican™ PSE2000 dual tank system last?

Tank 1 the PC1000 Carbon Series filter will last 1,000,000 gallons or 5 years.  Tank 2 the NaturSoft™ System media is not sacrificial and it does not get consumed resulting in its exceptional long life.

How does the PC1000 Premium Whole House Water Filter work?

The PC1000 Premium Whole House Water Filter utilizes a multi stage filtration process to filter the water going into you home. The PC1000 uses the highest grade carbons available on the market which were designed/developed to completely remove or significantly reduce chlorine, sediment and/or particulate matter, VOC's, SOC's (synthetic organic chemicals), THM's, atrazine, benzene, pesticides, tastes, odors and hundreds of the potential contaminants and harmful chemicals from the water supply entering your home.  Once you have experienced filtered water you will not want to leave home.

If the water hardness is tested after the system is installed will the hardness level be different?

If the water is tested after the NaturSoft™ System is installed the hardness level will remain the same or even test slightly harder due to the existing scale being removed from the plumbing.  Once the plumbing lines are de-scaled, the hardness will revert to the original hardness level.  The healthy minerals will remain in the water without the negative side effects. 

Do the NaturSoft™ Systems have any negative effects on the human body?

No, if your water supply is safe before it enters the NaturSoft™ System it will be safe after the system.  NaturSoft™ Systems do not add any chemicals to the water therefore there is no harmful effect.  NaturSoft™ Systems leave in the beneficial minerals that are healthy for the human body.

What are the differences between NaturSoft™  and Filtersorb resin?

NaturSoft™  resin is made in the USA and Filtersorb SP resin is made overseas.  The hardness capacity of the NaturSoft™  resin is up tp 75 grains per gallon (higher than others on the market).  NaturSoft ™ resin is exclusive to Pelican Water Technologies™ .  If it's not a Pelican™ , it's not NaturSoft™ .

Why do the Pelican™ Systems not require backwashing?

Pelican™ Systems operate in an up-flow design rather than the traditional down-flow. The reason for backwashing is to fluff the media bed and not to wash out contaminants as most people are lead to believe.  The Pelican Systems media is continuously being fluffed in the up-flow design from the normal water flow.  Other down-flow systems have a tendency to channel causing the media to be ineffective.  The Pelican™ Systems uses an up-flow design to be more effective and avoid those possibilities.

What is included with the purchase of your new Pelican™ PSE2000 Premium Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener/Conditioner?

  • Dual tank Pelican™ System preloaded and ready to install. (they do not require assembly)
  • All size fittings required for plumbing (¾", 1" copper & pvc)
  •  Installation instructions
  • 1" pvc shut-off valve
  • 10" pre-filter housing with a polyspun 5-micron filter and wrench

The Pelican™ Systems are shipped preloaded via UPS Ground in the highest quality doubled walled box with side cushions and a custom top piece.  No expense has been spared to ensure your system arrives in factory fresh condition. 


Where can I find a certified plumber in my area to install the Pelican™ System?  

In Orange County California, we are licensed general contactors and can inexpensively install the system for you. To find a certified plumber outside Orange County, Ca., go to Click on Plumbing and enter your zip code. You will see a list of certified plumbers in your area to contact.  You can also type in plumber and your zip code in Google and a list of plumbers will show. 

Note Canadian Customers: Shipments into Canada may be subject to duty taxes set by your local Magistrate.  To avoid delay in your shipment, if you have a customs broker, ship your unit to them.  Amount of duty taxes vary by location.

If you are on a private (individual) well and do not receive a water bill: The water treated should be free of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur gas / rotten egg smell). The sulfur will coat the surface of the media on the NaturSoft™ System and will interfere reducing its efficiency. If any iron or manganese is present in the source water, the media will cause it to be oxidized i.e. causing or accentuating staining in the building. If any of these issues exist, you should employ pre-treatment prior to using this system. Please call us at (949) 600-7970 before you purchase this unit or see our iron filter units Iron filter one and iron filter two.

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Water softener and filter combo
Description: Whole house filter and water softener combo
PSE 1800 Premium Whole House Filer & Softener 1-3 bathrooms   $1,944.00 Free shipping  
PSE 2000 Premium Whole House Filter & Softener 4-6 bathrooms  $2,299.00 Free shipping   
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